Q. Is this warranty available at all Nissan dealerships?
A. No. This warranty is exclusive to vehicles purchased only at Sutherlin Nissan Orlando and no other Nissan dealerships in the area offer a lifetime warranty.
Q. How long is the warranty good for?
A. The lifetime of ownership to the original purchaser / non transferable.                                
Q. Do you have to get all your service done at Sutherlin Nissan Orlando?
A. No. The maintenance can be performed at any service facility that employs a.s.e. certified technicians.
Q. What services have to be performed?
A. You must have the vehicle serviced as recommended in the manufacturer’s owner manual at the prescribed mileage intervals. (keep copies of all repair orders for all maintenance services performed).
Q. What does the warranty cover?
A. It covers both parts and labor for repairs to the engine, transmission, drive axle, and the mechanically lubricated parts included in them.
Q. Is there a deductible?
A. Yes the deductible is $100.00 for each repair visit.
Q. What vehicles are covered?
A. All new untitled vehicles with 0-5,ooo miles.